Rubensteins Attorneys Case Study

Rubensteins Attorneys Case Study

11th September 2018 Case Studies 0

Client: Rubensteins Attorneys

Project Type: New Client Acquisition – ongoing

Objective: Make significant penetration into a market sector that the client had identified as a high growth opportunity

The client had a history of successful cases but a limited client base in this sector. In order to expand this area of their business they had invested in a dedicated new website for the sector that was created with very advanced SEO. They had also launched a rudimentary Google Ads campaign for the site.

Despite this, prior to contacting ESPRESSO CONSULTING results had been limited.

Action Plan:

  1. CALL TO ACTION: Initially, the new website had almost no call to action features. We thus implemented several Call-to-Action features site wide.
  2. ANALYSIS: At the same time, we updated the Analytics to track page visits, conversions, and funnels. Results were almost immediate with an increase in inquiries based on anecdotal evidence alone.
  3. LEAD GENERATION: We then assisted with identifying and contacting leads.
  4. EVENTS: We coordinated a direct interface between the leads and our client. The subscription was full in 24 hours.
  5. FOLLOW UP: We conducted a follow-up survey, the results of which indicate a high likelihood of conversion for our client. Over 70% of respondents are Very Likely to use our client in the future and the rest Likely.

The project is ongoing with new channels to the market being explored.

Client Benefits:

  1. Increased Business
  2. Increased Brand Awareness
  3. Direct communication with a growing list of prospective clients
  4. Face to face communication on a regular basis with prospective clients

Services provided by Espresso Consulting:

  1. WordPress Site upgrade/ Call-to-Action integration and design
  2. Form creation and response databasing
  3. Analytics configuration and optimization
  4. Prospect Lead Generation
  5. Design and Distribution
  6. Mailchimp Newsletter Setup, Design and Management
  7. Event planning and Management
  8. Procurement including branded products
  9. Survey Monkey Feedback setup and implementation
  10. Online Advertising optimization and management